10 People who created History


The people who come together to form a Lodge are called Founders and are made up of Past Masters from other Lodges and other brethren. It is always interesting to see the occupations of Founders as it gives you some idea for the reasons they formed the new Masonic Lodge and their interest in Freemasonry.


Below are the list of Founders of Cator Masonic Lodge and pictured above, W. Bro John Osterstock on the left and W. Bro John Fox on the right.


Worshipful Master
W. Bro. James Hill - Headmaster

P.M. Lodge Nos. 1658, 2146, 2152

Senior Warden
W. Bro. John E Fox - Solicitor

P.M. Lodge No. 297

Junior Warden
W. Bro. Robert C Davis - Schoolmaster

P.M. Lodge No. 1963

Director of Ceremonies
W. Bro. L.D. Anley - Accountant

P.M. Lodge No. 1201

Senior Deacon
W. Bro. C.W. Gribble Bank Manager

P.M. Lodge No. 2047

Junior Deacon
W. Bro. John C Osterstock - Bookseller

P.M. Lodge No. 1185

Inner Guard
W. Bro. Charles R Scriven - Leather Merchant

P.M. Lodge No. 1329


W. Bro. Wiliam H Hornsby - Hotelier

P.M. Lodge No. 1327

W. Bro. J.W. Newell - Licensee

P.M. Lodge No. 1658

W. Bro. Harry Lyne - Water Merchant

P.M. Lodge No. 1685


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